We are exceptionally excited with how far Seattle Built has come. Since December 2020, our company has grown to build PCs for world-famous esport players, content creators with millions of fans, and developers of our favorite games.

With great success in so little time, we had to ask ourselves how we got here. It all boiled down to three characteristics:

We’re honest.
This company started just days after the computer world was turned upside down due to the GPU market crash. Despite the ensuing chaos, whether we were sourcing cards via Newegg, Amazon, or Best Buy, we have ALWAYS sold our cards for exactly what we paid for. We hate scalpers too.

We make beautiful computers.
It was clear from the beginning, in order to stand out, we had to look the part. So we set out to make some of the most stunning custom PCs on the market. We like to do a little more than the typical RGB “unicorn vomit” - though if that’s your sort of thing, we got you.

We don’t want to sell you a PC.
Wait what? Yes we’re a for-profit business, but we’re not here to use fancy language and marketing. If you’re not ready to buy, we’re not going to push you. Instead, we’ll collaborate on the best PC fit for your budget and needs. Need more time before you buy, no problem. We’re ready when you’re ready.

Altay Sarikaya

// CEO & Founder

As the person behind the company, Altay puts his heart and soul into creating fantastic PCs for all the amazing people in the gaming community.

In addition to Seattle Built, Altay is enrolled at University of Washington, studying architecture and entrepreneurship, with special interests in tiny homes and public transportation.

Of course, Altay has hobbies too! Gaming, watching people game, learning about consumer tech, and cross-stitching are just some of the things Altay likes to do.

Hans Linder

// Systems Manager

When it comes to building PCs at Seattle Built, Hans puts all his skills to use. Whether it be cable management or just his stellar looks, he ensures only the finest quality.

Hans is currently a student enrolled at University of Washington Bothell, studying Media Communication Studies. Putting his technological skills from college to great use at Seattle Built PCs.

Han’s hobbies include PC gaming, climbing, aquascaping, skateboarding, as well as Netflix and Chill. Hans also worked as a Sushi Chef!

James Springer

// Liaison Director

James joined the Seattle Built team in May of 2021 as the Liaison Director. He primarily handles communications with SB’s sponsors and distributors.

With a passion for PCs, stemming from his history in competitive esports scenes, he aims to share that passion with all of Seattle Built’s partners and clients.