Here are the most common questions we've been asked.

At Seattle Built, there are two methods of ordering a PC. First is our Orca PreCons, which are preconfigured/built to order PCs that you can purchase directly on our website.

The other option is to fill out the build form which allows us to formulate a specially designed parts list geared towards your budget, use-case, and aesthetic choices. After discussing any questions or inquiries, we will send a custom invoice to complete your order.

We want to make purchasing and browsing a Seattle Built PC easier so we introduced our new series of PreCon PCs. PreCons are preconfigured PCs that are built to provide the highest value, aesthetic, and performance at different budgets.

Our selection is separated into 3 tiers based on performance and design. Each tier has its own number of customization options; for example, you can select case colors, braided cable colors, GPU mounts, and RGB cables.

We here at Seattle Built PCs are happy to offer both services for our customers. We recommend exploring our collection of PreCons first to see if there’s something that matches what you want. If you want something a little more custom to you, feel free to fill out a quote request for a custom PC on our Build page.

Every PC from Seattle Built comes with a 2 Year Labor warranty and a 2+ Year Manufacturers warranty. Clients will be responsible for shipping costs involved in transporting the PC to Seattle Built in the event of a component defect. This Warranty does not cover damage or defects that includes, but not limited to, normal wear and tear, accident, misuse, problems with electrical power, or failure to perform preventive maintenance. This warranty offers free technical service for all PC components shipped with the original PC and does not cover software issues. The client is responsible for keeping the given GPU, Storage, RAM, and Motherboard retail boxes, failure to do so can result in a void of Warranty. In the event where the client fails to follow instructions that result in damage to the components, Seattle Built is not obligated to fulfill this Warranty. Each PC is built custom to the client; therefore, all sales are final.

At this time, we do not have a retail location; however, local clients may choose to pick up their system from our office to waive shipping fees.

Our PCs are fully insured and shipped via UPS Ground at costs ranging from $60-$150. For our local clients, we offer in-house delivery for up to $60.

We are very thankful for such high demand, due to this, our builds take 2-4 weeks to ship.

When purchasing an Orca PreCon, we accept Credit/Debit and PayPal with zero payment fees.

When purchasing a Custom PC, our preferred payment method is Bank Transfer which has zero fees and requires filling out your bank information within the secure Intuit payment portal. We also accept Credit/Debit and Apple Pay with a 2.9% fee and PayPal Credit with a 3% fee.

Prebuilt PCs are known to use cheap off-brand parts in order to maximize profits and fall short on customer experience. We at Seattle Built understand that no one is the same, so we build our PCs using a custom format designed for you, putting your experience above all else. High quality parts, great customer experience, and fantastic prices are just some of the reasons to work with Seattle Built.

With every custom Seattle Built PC, you are free to choose any specific components within the computer. We also offer custom modifications such as custom case skins, laser glass etching, and custom cables.

With our Orca PreCons, we offer a great selection of case colors, cables colors, RGB cables, and GPU mounts. These selections vary based on the PreCon tier.

At this time, we ship within the USA and Canada.

While Seattle Built PCs is a for-profit business, we strive to offer our clients the best possible prices on hard-to-find components. We are consistently working with our suppliers to secure the lowest prices to transfer those savings to you.

We will send updates throughout the building process, including assembly and testing. If you’re curious about updates between these intervals, you are free to message us!

We offer PayPal Credit financing to qualifying customers. PayPal Credit will allow for customers to split their payment over 6 months.

We display the build, handling, card comp, and any shipping fees clearly for full transparency with our customers.

If you are purchasing outside the state of Washington, we do not charge sales tax as we have not established a tax nexus. While there is no tax due upfront, it is the customer’s duty to pay these taxes, categorized as use tax, for tax year in which the computer was purchased.